Management Team

William D. High - Founding Member of Avonto | Chief Executive Officer

Mr. High is an entrepreneur and visionary. Having founded multiple successful companies, he is looking to dynamically assist business owners throughout the United States find new ways to fund and grow their business. Mr. High believes that the strength and growth of our country lies within every individual. How that vision is tapped into is the responsibility of those who have found success already. Mr. High believes that success is not measured only by physical things. Real success is measured by lessons learned and how we handle successes and failures in life.

Mr. High believes that there are many characteristics of great and true leaders but that they start with being selfless, having moral courage, and doing everything with integrity.

Mr. High is currently President of XMS Technologies with an emphasis on IT Security and Data Protection.

Mr. High lives in Charlotte North Carolina with his family. Mr. High is a native of Greenville, South Carolina.

Mark Meglic - Founding Member of Avonto | Chief Compliance Officer | Chief Financial Officer

Mark Meglic is a licensed attorney. For the past nine years, Mark served as the Chief Operating Officer for a company comprised of a number of subsidiaries doing business in multiple states. These subsidiaries’ business was in a market that was regulated by both state and federal government.

Mark’s responsibilities included overseeing compliance with state and federal regulators. In addition, Mark served as COO of a real estate development company with an excess of 100 properties located throughout the US. Mark currently resides in Greenville with his wife and two children.

Ryan J. Peterson - Founding Member of Avonto | Chief Technology Officer

Ryan J. Peterson has made a career as a consultant and entreprenuer. Currently, he serves as the acting Head of Global Lottery systems for AutoLotto.

Ryan has taken the approach of being a life-long learner and understanding there is always room to improve. His unique experience and perception or the world enables him to consult businesses and encourage people into the best versions of themselves.

His drive for innovation and desire for perfection keep him focused on the life-long mission of creating sustainable ecosystems between businesses and social good.

Dustin Schubring - Founding Member of Avonto | Chief Operations Officer

Dustin Schubring is currently a Sales Executive out of Charlotte, NC and has been involved in the creation and development of multiple organizations. For the past 10 years he has primarily acted in the capacity of financial control, operations and planning as well as general business and sales operations with organizations ranging from 5 member start-ups to the Fortune 500.

Dustin currently lives in Charlotte, NC with his family, and enjoys hiking, kayaking and biking in his free time.